I’ve decided to spend more time updating my engine’s features and tools. Asset hot reloading, shader reflection, grass, terrain materials, and much more have been adding.  More to come!    

Poly Explode

Here’s an old video of the same Poly Explode effect that is in the ProjectB videos below.  The wall sticking effect was achieved by rendering the running Goblin into rendered to a texture.  This texture was then applied to the wall.

Kuwahara Filtering

I was playing around Kuwahara Filtering one summer to give photos a painterly look.  I used CUDA to perform the calculations on the GPU.  The left image is the source file and the right is the processed image.  Click on the thumbs for a bigger picture. Kuwahara Filter

Ray Tracer

A simple Ray Tracer with photon mapping in C++. Features: Loads scenes in .ms3d format. Performs a first-hit speed up by rendering the scene with the GPU into multiple buffers (color, normal, world, etc). Starts at each pixel in the GPU rendered buffers and performs standard CPU ray-tracing to calculate soft-shadows, reflections and refraction. Diffuse interreflections are

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