Thieves in the Night

Thieves in the Night is my current WIP.  It is an Oculus Rift enabled first-person shooter that takes place in procedurally generated environments.  I’m using DirectX 11 for the rendering, Milkshape3d format for the models, and FLTK to build the editor.


Terrain_With_Shadows Rift Editor_With_ShadowsGodRayscloth_againperf_stats


The latest build can be downloaded here.  Note that this is very much a WIP and may contain bugs.  Test at your own risk.


Demonstration videos can be found here.


Below are various tech papers which detail how the tech works:

Overview of the Rendering Passes

Procedural World Generation

Entity And Component systems

Dynamic Shadows in kbEngine

Screen-Space God Rays

Spring Mass Cloth Simulation (coming soon)


The Screen shots above use assets from the Unity Store:

Free Guns Pack by Mooshoo Labs

Low Poly Nature Pack by Valday Team