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Project B (Prequel to Thieves in the Night)

ProjectB is a Geometry Wars inspired Win32/DirectX game I’ve been developing in my spare time.

A short gameplay video can be found here.

The game itself can be found here.

Technical Info

  • DirectX 9 deferred lighting engine using a cascaded shadow map for the directional light.
  • LOD height mapped terrain using textures that are procedurally blended into a texture atlas at runtime.
  • Scorch decals are blended directly into the terrain texture, so no additional draw calls
  • Foliage collision and destruction are handled on the gpu with a sphere-vertex collision tests

Click the images to see videos.  They’re on youtube unless marked as downloadable.

Bump mapped water + environment mapping


Foliage collision and Destruction on the GPU


Death Animations (Showing off my mad animation skills…lol)