Project B


Thieves in the Night – Story screen shots

I’m fleshing out the characters and key story moments in Thieves in the Night.  Screenshots posted here were rendered with in kbEngine 2.0 and touched up in Photoshop.





kbEngine 2.0 Tech Improvements

Adding new tools and fx to accompany a new look for Thieves in the Night.  Videos and descriptions can be found here.





Thieves in the Night VR

Oculus Rift enabled first-person shooter that takes place in procedurally generated environments. .  Videos, screen shots and a demo available.







Project B (Prequel to Thieves in the Night)

Geometry clone inspired arcade-y game.










Render-to-texture effect I came up with a while back.






Kuwahara Filtering

Traditional kuwahara filter that achieves a painterly look.






Ray Tracer

A simple Ray Tracer with photon mapping in C++.