Rust Demos!

I’ve been learning Rust since 3/2024 and will share my projects and resources here.

First Rust Project:

My Rust projects uses WebAssembly, wgpu, and winit. My 2d demo is a simple sprite renderer uses draw call instancing + atlases to render the scene with a single draw call. My 3d demos are an exploration of visual effects using wgpu.

My git repo can be found here:

You can also play my demos in your browser by pressing the buttons below. I’ve tested them on Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), and iOS browsers:

5/24/2024- Bullet holes using a technique I call “Pokey Unwrap”
Completed on 5/13/2024!
4/16/224 – Stress Test with 10,000 instances
4/6/2024 – Heroine inspired by Serena Williams
The 2D player’s outfit and hair was inspired by the legendary Serena Williams!


Get started with Rust here:

Learn wgpu:

Vulkan specs: